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All Koba Handmade bowls come in two models: there is the High Model, with a medium and a large size, use them as bread or fruit baskets. Then there is the Low Model, with is available in four sizes: the small and medium bowls are very handy to be used as storage for keys, jewelry, trinkets or just any small item. The large and extra-large sizes will integrate beautifully with your interior, use them for mail, the daily newspaper, magazines or just anything that comes to mind.


The bowls are made exclusively of high quality, Belgian produced cotton cord. A single long piece is used to create and shape each bowl, using a simple zigzag stitch. Clever color choices will bring about many distinctive designs, and as a little extra twist, the end of the cord is always finished with a beautiful leather strap.

Since each basket is made to order, it can always be slightly different from the one on the photo.

Delivery time: max 8 days after ordering


Low bowls

Smal :       d 18cm x h 7cm

Medium :  d 25cm x h 7cm

Large  :     d 30cm x h 7cm

Extra L:     d 35cm x h 7cm

High bowls

Medium : d 20cm x h 12cm

Large :     d 25cm x h 12cm



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Myriam R.

Très jolis paniers et conviennent parfaitement

J'ai acheté un grand panier rond bas et un grand panier squarish. Le squarish était bien plus petit que ce que je pensais. Mais ils conviennent très bien à l'usage que j'en fais et son très beaux.